More than words

  • The voice is the primary medium in human interaction, capable of conveying a wide range of emotions that go far beyond the simple meaning of the words being spoken.

  • The emotional impact of virtual voices is critical to the current transformation of human-machine interaction, driving progress towards new heights.

  • Voiseed applies deep learning solutions to create emotionally resonant virtual voices, putting people at their ease when listening to non-human produced speech, in any environment.

    A unique approach

  • By combining our experience in both deep learning and audio production, we create high quality voices in a user-friendly and production-oriented cloud-based environment.

  • Our unique method of creating virtual representations of voices, emotions and styles allows us to set up a full conditioning voice generation system.

  • This approach means that we can offer our partners a full range of innovative, comprehensive and user-friendly voice services.

    Innovative solutions

  • Our proprietary set of text to speech solutions delivers high quality emotional virtual voices, ready to be used across multiple applications and industry verticals.

  • Voice production takes place in our own 'Virtual Studio' in the cloud.

  • A dedicated API set offers our partners 24/7 online access to the 'Voice as a Service' platform

  • 'Custom & Embedded' services support specific deep learning audio modules, including voice integration with apps and devices.